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Just a little history

1993: Camet Metallurgie GmbH is founded and promoted by Cambior Inc., becoming responsible for the entire Sales & Marketing of Ferro-Niobium provided by Niobec Inc. 

1994: The Marketing Agency Agreement with Cambior Inc. becomes effective on the 1st day of March and is signed on the 26th day of May.

1994: The Marketing Agency Agreement with Affival S.A. is signed with immediate effect for the Sales and Marketing of cored-wires in Germany, Denmark and Austria. The agreement is terminated by the end of 2001 while Camet Metallurgie GmbH starts converting own wire (NioFil).

2003: Camet Metallurgie GmbH to oversee the Marketing and Sales of calcined Bauxite from Linden Mining later renamed into Omai Bauxite Mining Inc. (OBMI) for the entire Europe.

2005: The Marketing Agency Agreement with OBMI effective as from the 1st day of January 2005 has been signed.

2006: Iamgold Corporation acquires Cambior Inc.

2006: Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Inc. (BMGG) enters in Camet Metallurgie GmbH's Marketing Agency Agreement replacing OBMI. 

2008: A Marketing Agency Agreement with Iamgold - Québec Management Inc. is signed on the 31st day of May, becoming effective as of the 3rd day of June.

2008: Camet Metallurgie GmbH begins sourcing and supplying raw-materials for Niobec including Aluminum, White Fused Alumina and Iron Scrap.

2008: Iamgold-Québec Management Inc. acquires 9.8 % of the share capital.  

2010: REACH registration of Niobium and Iron as only representative. 

2011: Iamgold Corporation becomes shareholder of Camet Metallurgie GmbH  when Iamgold-Québec Management Inc. amalgamates with Iamgold Corporation resulting from name changes to Iamgold Corporation - Niobec division.

2011: Niobec Inc., created as legal entity by Iamgold Corporation, starts contracting in its own name.

2013: Niobec Inc. acquires 100% of the share capital  and turns Camet Metallurgie GmbH into Niobec GmbH.

2020: Camet KLG founded in Switzerland  

2020: Camet KLG signs exclusive Sales & Marketing agreement with Auxico Resources Canada Inc.

2020: Camet KLG to represents Auxico Resources Canada Inc. and Central America Nickel Inc. at the TIC (Tantalum - Niobium International Study Center) 

2021: Camet KLG (50%) and Palos Capital Markets Inc. (50%) together found Vega Metals Trading Inc., a Montreal based Trading house.

2021: Camet KLG represents Auxico Resources Canada Inc. and Central America Nickel Inc. at the REIA (Rare Earth Industry Association)

2023: Camet KLG turns into Camet AG, Zug / Switzerland. Alfred Ebeling becomes shareholder of Camet AG.

2023: Camet AG signs Sales & Marketing agreement with Central America Nickel Inc. (CAN).


Kindly allow us to introduce ourselves shortly.


Alfred Ebeling

Fred, a German citizen, started his career with Klöckner & Co. where he was responsible for noble alloys and metals. In close cooperation with CBMM, he successfully developed the ferro-niobium market and made Klöckner the most important partner of the Brazilians. Fred was subsequently hired by H.C. Starck, trading niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, vanadium and manganese. Later, Fred became responsible for the SKW group companies Affival S.A., Solesmes, France, and Murex Ltd., Rainhaim, UK at FLG. In close cooperation with Cambior, Montreal, Canada, he organized the production of ferro-niobium in the UK made from Niobec`s niobium. In 1992, he organized and headed the merger of FLG and Klöckner AG. In 1993, he formed his own company Camet (Canadian Metal) Metallurgie GmbH. 


Christian Falk
Managing Director

Christian, a German citizen, has over 16 years of experience in mining and metals trading. He started his career in the steel industry, as purchasing and sales manager within the raw material department at a major European steel producer. Christian then worked for midsized metal trading houses in Switzerland, specialized in ores, concentrates as well as base metals. He subsequently moved to Glencore International AG (“Glencore”), where he worked for 5 years in the copper department, trading molybdenum and cobalt products worldwide. Furthermore, he is one of the founding partners of Canadian based EV-Metal trading house VEGA METALS TRADING INC., which is partly owned by Montreal-based hedge fund Palos Capital Markets Inc. 

Bild Fund kleiner_edited_edited_edited.p

Christoph Ebeling 

Christoph, a German citizen, has over 20 years of experience in purchasing, marketing and sales of ferro alloy products, especially niobium and bauxite, among others. Christoph has worked at various trading companies throughout his career including GMI and Injection Alloys trading products globally. Together with Alfred Ebeling, Christoph co-founded CAMET Metallurgie GmbH, the global marketing agent for Niobec Inc., the 3rd largest niobium producer globally and the exclusive sales & marketing for “Linden Bauxite” CAMET Metallurgie GmbH, which was subsequently sold to Iamgold, Canada. Christoph is one of the founding partners of VEGA METALS TRADING INC. In 2023 Christoph became member of the board of NIO STRATEGIC METALS Inc., former NIOCAN Inc.


Isaack Musomba

Partner and Director Camet Africa

Isaack, a Kenyan citizen, has more than 25 year of experience in multiple businesses related to Africa. He is president and founder of Greenland Investment, Akim Global Shipping Co. Ltd. and established the Greenland's Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to make a difference in the lives of communities globally.


CAMET AG is 50% partner and co-founder of VEGA METALS TRADING INC.

What we do

That's what we do

In contrast to Camet GmbH (the 1st generation) Camet AG (the 2nd generation) has expanded its field of activity considerably.

Today's CAMET AG mainly focuses on the following 3 areas:

a) representing producers / manufacturers as exclusive and non-exclusive representatives,

b) being 50% owner of its associate VEGA METALS TRADING Inc. and

c) finally, thanks to its immensely, worldwide network of professionals Camet AG supports mining companies and trading houses as consultant.


Camet AG as agent

In the role of an agent, CAMET AG actively supports the producer. CAMET develops / installs an independent Sales & Marketing Unit for the producer, attaching great importance to maximum transparency, represents the producer at conferences and business meetings of all kinds and creates / maintains the producer's perfect international image and first class reputation. In addition, CAMET AG ensures that general market knowledge as well as individual customer data to be always up to date and available. It is very clear that the producer, their company and their product are always in the center of the work of CAMET AG.


Due to its enormous international network, the decades of experience of its employees, their broad knowledge of a large number of commodities and their absolute proximity to the market, CAMET AG offers optimal solutions (financing / Sales & Marketing / logistics / etc.) for exploration companies and producers at all stages of development.

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